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Four Heads Linear Weigher FFS Machine
Four Heads Linear Weigher FFS Machine Especially used for weighing Free Flow items like Rice, Pulses, Seasoning Powder, Dryfruits, Desiccated Coconut powder etc
Machine Model 1000 PLC
Pouch size W-100 to 235mm x L-100 to 375mm
Range to pack 500gm to 2000gm
Out-put 15 to 35 pouches/min
Accuracy ±1% to 2%
Material Contact parts SS-304
Power source AC 200 / 220V ±10% 3.5 KVA
Mode of driving Clutch break drive
Dimension 1680(L) x 1800(W) x 3200(H)mm
Type of sealing Center
+91 94263 68159
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